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I HATE when people are sneaky with affiliate links. One digital nomad sort of site recently tried to get me to share my Cambly experience with them for their website, but in the end it was clear that they were going to slap their own affiliate link all over my experience. I decided to include my affiliate link right here and in the first section.

The webcam and microphone are of very good quality with a very powerful servers that power your webcam in HD!

I would really appreciate it (I put a few afternoons into writing this article), but obviously you do you.

I won’t see your name if you sign up with my affiliate link, either. Other than that, Cambly is not paying me or giving me any special incentive to write this article.

But there was something oddly refreshing about the layout of Suleimaniya.

I couldn’t stop thinking that it was the Utah of the Middle East.

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